11 January 2012

What's for lunch?

Today, we left the preschool parking lot while the snow continued to fall, after 6 hours of alternating magical fluffiness and driving blizzard.  I had no idea what we would have for dinner, so I went to my cold-weather fall back:  Pumpkin Soup.

This recipe started as a way to make a meal out of non-perishable pantry favorites:  canned pumpkin, canned coconut milk, boxed broth, and spices.  It is still a great option that way, but I was fortunate to come home to a crock pot full of nourishing bone broth, and a bit of homemade coconut milk (my latest kitchen experiment) in the fridge.  Given more time, I could have steamed the butternut and/or acorn squash on the counter.  However, there is little enough time between preschool pick-up and ideal napping time, so I felt quite rushed.

Squash Soup
2-4 cups cooked pumpkin, butternut, or acorn squash purree (1 to 2 cans)
2 cups coconut milk (full fat, homemade or 1 can)
1-2 cups chicken bone broth, to get the right texture
1 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp dried ginger
1/4 tsp cinnamon

Put it all in a pot over medium heat.  Use an immersion blender to mix it all together.  It is really good if you have time to let it simmer for half an hour and thicken up, but I often serve it within 10 minutes.

Top with plain yogurt, cream, crackers, croutons, sausage crumbles, almonds, or anything else you think would taste good.  Serve to toddlers with a straw!

This was the perfect warming lunch after trying 5 times to make it up the driveway.  At least we don't have to shovel until the snow stops falling!

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