03 January 2012

Mr. Rogers

My boys really enjoy watching Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.  We don't watch much tv, but we watch this a few times a week.  I remember loving the Neighborhood of Make Believe when I was little.  Now that I am older, I am still entertained by the 'How Things Are Made' segment.  Although stamps are made differently now than they were in 1983, it is still fun to watch!

Jason and Jackson are really into the interactive parts where Mr. Rogers asks questions and waits for a response.  We've discussed that the show is taped and that he can't really hear you, but Jackson still says he wants to "tell Mr. Rogers questions".  It brings tears to my eyes to think that I will eventually have to tell them that Mr. Rogers died before they were born.  I am frustrated to think that his show would have never been made in the current market of children's programming, public or otherwise.

You can view a few episodes of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood directly from the PBS website.  Please comment if this link is broken.  This is current as of 3 Jan 2012.  Amazon offers online streaming of many, many more episodes, free for paying Amazon Prime members.

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