23 January 2012

How to Have One of THOSE Days

There are so many reasons why I have an hour or a day where I want to just check out.  I let the laundry wait even further than usual.  If we don't have easy food ready to go (and we haven't ordered in a while), I fall back to Thai or Indian delivery.  The dishes become (compostable) paper.  We watch a little television.  We play a 'game' where the boys put me to sleep.  Oh, how I love that game! 

What I need on these days can vary- sometimes, I put off my shower.  Other times, I put as many distractions together for the boys so I am certain to get a shower.   Sometimes I minimize effort.  Other times, I try to do something that helps us feel less cluttered.  Getting all of the hats, coats, and jackets into the coat closet is one of the fastest, most rewarding activities I have found.  Know what can slide.  Figure out which things are secretly (surprisingly!) energizing.

I have found that by doing as much as I can on the days where I feel normal, it is a lot easier to have a day where I don't quite hit that mark.  We will all survive.  The laundry will always, always be waiting, but my boys are only getting bigger.

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