28 July 2011

More Songs: Hello, My Baby!

Isn't it fun how much a toddler can ignore something for years, only to be entranced with it all of a sudden?  I have been singing my version of, "Hello, My Baby" for years, with no real notice from either boy.  However, Jackson just had a naptime where it was the ONLY song he wanted to hear on his way to sleep:

Hello, my baby,
Hello, my honey,
Hello, my ragtime boy.
Send me a kiss by wire,
Baby, my hearts on fire.
If you refuse me,
You'll never lose me,
I'll just be left alone,
So, baby, telephone,
And tell me I'm your mo-o-om!

Don't recognize the song?  Here is the singing frog to jog your memory:  Michigan J. Frog.  It would easily adjust for dads and daughters, and it is my favorite song for when I see one of the boys when they've just woken up.

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