25 July 2011

Good Music That Kids Might Like

I enjoyed sharing the songs we sing every day (Rock-a-bye Doggie), but there's a whole other world of music we love:  Good music by good musicians that happens to appeal to our kids, as well as great bands who put out albums directed toward kids.

Great songs that are kid friendly:

I'm A Train by Albert Hammond (Thank you, Emily from Rosalie School, for teaching us this song!)
When I Fall by Barenaked Ladies
Bicycle Race by Queen (This video only shows the lyrics- the original video, also on youtube, involves a bunch of naked women riding bicycles)
Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head by BJ Thomas
Iko Iko performed by Dr. John, and performed by Aaron Carter with a composite video of the Aristocats

My absolute favorite album directed toward kids: Snack Time by Barenaked Ladies.  So much fun in one album!!  My favorite:  Pollywog In A Bog (a great puppet video!)

They Might Be Giants has released many children's albums:  No!, Here Come the ABCs, Here Come The 123s, Here Comes Science.  I find them pretty hit and miss for my taste, but I would say that of their entire catalog.  That said, no listing of "good music that happens to appeal to kids" would be complete without the classic Tiny Toons music videos of TMBG:  Istanbul and Particle Man were spectacular, but copyright issues keep them off of YouTube.  That said, if you try this google search, you can likely find something to feed your nostalgia.

When I read that B.B.King recorded a track for Sandra Boynton's book/album, Blue Moo, we couldn't resist.  It is certainly the most 'childish' of our kids' music, but most of the tracks are performed by well known musicians, and we enjoy them.  While this was sold as a book, it isn't a book we ever read to our kids, but they enjoy looking at the illustrations.  There are a number of songs that are cute, but quickly get overplayed by my enthusiastic duo:  Fire Truck is a book made into a song available on YouTubeMy Truck Is Stuck is a fun board book that my boys thoroughly enjoy.  Someone even recorded it as a song for his son! 

What music do you listen to most with your family?   Do you prefer your kids listen to 'your' music or music directed specifically for kids?  At what age did your kids start singing along to those songs?

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