29 January 2010

Baby Sleep 2

It is 40 minutes past my bedtime, and I am afraid to get in bed and relax.  Tonight is Jackson's first night in the nursery.  Between 7:30p and 8:30p, he woke up about 4 or 5 times, spit up twice, and drank a bottle.  He hasn't stirred for nearly an hour, but I still fear that he will cry as soon as I let down my guard.  I need to take a step back, breath, and enjoy the fact that both boys are asleep in their own spaces, leaving me time to write and Dave time to play guitar.

From the book, The No Cry Sleep Solution, the first task is to create a safe, comfortable sleep environment.  The nursery is equipped with a nice crib, found via craigslist (after checking for recalls, of course).  That alone is an important feat, since many friends were affected by the crib recall announced in late 2009. We have a standard crib mattress that fits well, and since I can't imagine getting a good night's sleep on a plastic mattress, it is topped with a Snuggle Wool mattress pad.  I love wool for baby stuff because it can neutralize urine while keeping baby warm and allowing air to circulate.  The Snuggle Wool products are nice because they can be washed and dried by machine.  The light is kept to a minimum with light blocking curtains lined with two layers of polyester felt.  It is a west facing window, and even at sunset, we only get a little light in the room with this setup.  To reduce noise distractions, there is a SleepMate White Noise Machine in the nursery, and it works so well that we bought a second for Jason's Big Boy Room. 

Our biggest stumbling block with Jackson's sleep is the lack of bedtime routine.  Jason sleeps so well that his bedtime routine only takes 10 to 15 minutes, so I have a difficult time figuring out how to incorporate an hour long bedtime routine for Jackson into our current evening.  During the week, nap time is difficult for both boys:  Jason isn't old enough (21 months) to be left to his own devices for as long as it takes to get Jackson to sleep, and Jackson (5 months) doesn't like to be alone as long as it takes Jason to settle down.

What we learned the first time around, though, is that having the plan and the perseverance will pay off.  Eventually.  Jackson woke up at 9:50, but was easily settled.  It is now time to accept this night for the unknown that it is and try to get some sleep.

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