13 May 2009

About me

I am 30 years old (as of writing, of course), stay at home mother to my 12 month old son, Jason, and 6.5 months pregnant with our second baby. I love my son dearly, but I deal with boredom daily, even when I'm in the middle of things, but my friends tell me that when babies learn to talk, it gets much more interesting.

My priorities, right now, are keeping my family fed with healthy, natural food, keeping baby's electronic stimulation to a minimum (no kids' TV, few toys with batteries), cloth diapering (cd-ing) my son and figuring out a cd plan for having two babies in diapers, ensuring Jason gets the sleep he needs, and making sure my husband and I have time alone together and individual time away from the family. Notice housework isn't on this list. Or (non-diaper) laundry.

I have a master's degree in mechanical engineering, and 5.5 years of work experience since my BS, and I'd love to hear from other engineers/techies who are stay at home moms and dads. How do you keep your brain active? Do you miss the problem solving, apart from "Where did Junior hide the keys?" Do you have the energy or brain power to keep up with technical hobbies or publications?

I am writing this blog to exercise my mind, mostly, and hopefully solicit comments and discussion. I'd also like to share wonderful parenting things (products, advice, books) I have found, and answer questions I haven't found: how do you shower when you're home alone with kids? how do you unload the dishwasher when babies try to climb in and on it? When one or all of the kids is off-the-growth-chart big or small, how do you keep yourself and others from constantly commenting about it?

We'll see how it goes. There will probably be some knitting thrown in there.

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